A Sacred Ceremony and Guided Integration

Ayahuasca Awakening

We are here in the name of our hearts, in the name of opening,

in the name of unstitching what has over time grown closed within.

Our bodies are vessels for our souls, but they are also vessels for so much more: a vessel for every hurt, disappointment, betrayal, grief and fear that we do not release.  When these afflictions fester, they ultimately poison our bodies, manifesting as emotional, mental and physical ailments.  Through the Ayahuasca Awakening, we can unbury and purge our afflictions.  We can re-write our story, reclaim our power and return home to our true self.

Ayahuasca is the vine to the soul: medicine from Mother Earth for spiritual awakening and healing. Through the Ayahuasca Awakening, we will journey within ourselves to unlock our highest wisdom and power.

Know What to Expect

Guided Preparation

The Ayahuasca Awakening begins a month before the actual ceremony.  Receive an Ayahuasca Awakening Guidebook, instructional videos and a private guidance session to prepare for the ceremony.

Experienced Guides

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Experience a two (2) day ayahuasca ceremony in Guarne, Colombia guided by a Shaman and healers with over forty (40) years of experience.  Each day of the ceremony ends with a group circle and a private integration session. 

Continued Support

Guided Integration

After the ayahuasca retreat, receive continued guidance through:

  • Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the first week.
  • Weekly private integration session, in person or online, for 1 month.
  • Monthly group integration circles online, for 3 months.

Here to answer your questions

Is this experience right for me?

What is ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive and entheogenic drink brewed by Shamans in South America for thousands of years for spiritual and medicinal purposes.  Ayahuasca is made from two (2) plants: the ayahuasca vine (banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaf of the chakruna plant (psychotria viridis).  

The ayahuasca used during the ceremony is extracted from the Amazon rainforest in Putumayo.  Each cup contains forty (40) cc of the sacred medicine.

Is ayahuasca safe?

A pure ayahuasca brew is safe and virtually impossible to overdose.  Ayahuasca is not addictive and is actually used to treat addictions. Ayahuasca is an MAO-I mixture. It is pharmacologically contraindicated with certain medications and drugs and is potentially dangerous for those with certain psychological conditions and mental illnesses. We have a screening process to ensure that you can safely participate in the sacred ceremony. 

Why do people vomit or purge during the ceremony?

The Purge is an important part of the ceremony, but not everyone experiences a purge during their first ceremony.  The body often, but not always, cleanses itself in the form of vomiting or diarrhea. “La Purga” cleanses physical toxins and clears energetic and emotional blockages. 

Will I see visions?

While seeing lights, colors or shapes is a common experience, not everyone has this experience or sees visions.  The purpose of the ceremony is not to “get high” or “trip.”  The intention of the sacred ceremony is to gain insight, wisdom, and healing.  Visions are common but are not a necessary part of the sacred ceremony.  Many people gain healing and wisdom through emotional releases, insight, downloads of information, or somatic experiences.

Where will the ceremony take place?

The ceremony will take place in Guarne, Colombia, approximately forty-five (45) minutes away from Medellin.  Ayahuasca is brewed and offered by the Shaman in Colombia.  Ad Astra Awakening does not brew, sell or distribute ayahuasca.  

Who guides the ceremony?

The ceremony will be guided and supervised by a Shaman and indigenous healers with over forty (40) years of experience.

What is integration?

Integration is an invaluable opportunity to honor and assimilate the profound gifts received during the Ayahuasca ceremony. It is a space to reflect, share, and receive guidance as you weave the insights, healing, and spiritual connection into the tapestry of your daily life.

  1. Reflection and Integration Practices: Delve deeper into your insights, emotions, and newfound wisdom. Process and assimilate the transformative experience into your daily life.
  2. Guidance and Support: We offer guidance and support as you navigate the integration process. We offer insights, tools, and practices to help you integrate the lessons and revelations from your Ayahuasca journey into your daily life. Whether it’s coping with challenging emotions, implementing new behaviors, or deepening your spiritual connection, we will assist you in finding personalized approaches to support your ongoing growth and healing.
  3. Ongoing Resources: We provide you with additional resources, practices, and tools that can further support your integration process. This may include recommended readings, mindfulness exercises, self-care practices, or suggestions for continued spiritual exploration. These resources will empower you to continue your journey of growth and self-discovery beyond the immediate post-ceremony period.

What is the cost of the Ayahuasca Awakening?

The cost of the entire Ayahuasca Awakening program is $2,997.00.  The program includes:

  • Guided Preparation Program and a private guidance session in- person or online.
  • Two (2) day ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Accommodation one (1) night before the ayahuasca ceremony in Medellin, Colombia.
  • Transportation to and from Medellin, Colombia before and after the ceremony.
  • Accommodations during the two (2) days of the ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Meals during the two (2) days of the ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Food during the two (2) days of the ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Three (3) month Guided Integration Program, in-person or online.


  • Flights to and from Medellin, Colombia.
  • Meals before the ayahuasca ceremony.  Meals during the days of the ayahuasca ceremonies are included.


Destination: Guarne, Colombia

You are Supported

I am here to answer your questions.

Upcoming Retreats


July 26, 2024: 

Arrive in Medellin, Colombia

July 27, 2024: Travel to Guarne and

Day 1 of Ayahuasca Ceremony

July 28, 2024: 

Day 2 of Ayahuasca Ceremony 

July 29, 2024:

Return Home


October 16, 2024: 

Arrive in Medellin, Colombia

October 17, 2024: Travel to Guarne and

Day 1 of Ceremony

October 18, 2024: 

Day 2 of Ayahuasca Ceremony 

October 19, 2024:

Return Home



December 26, 2024: 

Arrive in Medellin, Colombia

December 27, 2024: 

Travel to Guarne and 

Day 1 of Ayahuasca Ceremony

Deceber 28, 2024: 

Day 2 of Ayahuasca Ceremony 

December 29, 2024: 

Return Home


April 17, 2025: 

Arrive in Medellin, Colombia

April 18, 2025: 

Travel to Guarne and 

Day 1 of Ayahuasca Ceremony

April 19, 2025:

Day 2 of Ayahuasca Ceremony 

April 20, 2025:

Return Home

What to Expect

How it Works


To get started, register for the course with your program deposit of $500. Gain instant access to preparation materials.

1:1 Guidance

Schedule a 1 hour session (in person or by zoom) 2 weeks before the ceremony for contained guidance and support.


The week before the ceremony we will meet on zoom with all participants to discuss final preparations.


In Colombia, transportation will be provided to and from the Medellin Jose Maria Cordova International Airport. You will take part in the two day ceremony.


The journey continues with 3 months of guided integration after your return home. 

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