The light you are seeking has always been within.

Healing Modalities


Reiki Healing

Ayahuasca Awakening

Western medicine and Big Pharma’s prescriptions have their limitations because we are more than just our bodies.  Traditional counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy have their limitations because we are more than just our thoughts.  Beyond the territory of thoughts lies our subconscious mind: the blueprints for our values and beliefs, and the soil where the seeds of unworthiness, lack and fear may be deeply rooted.  

True wellness and wholeness require exploration and healing beyond the territory of thoughts.  When we unbury the afflictions of our subconscious minds, we find that every answer and every cure is within each of us.  Ad Astra Awakening offers a range of healing modalities, both online and in-person in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Healing Your Subconscious


Uncover and heal the root cause of undesired thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Resolve trauma, anxiety, and depression.  Transform your subconscious beliefs to create lasting and positive change.  Sessions are available online and in-person.


Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy 

Access your Higher Self and explore a past life, life between lives, spirit release, and parallel lives to discover your life purpose, retrieve answers to ultimate life questions and obtain quantum healing.

Energy Healing

Intuitive Healing & Reiki

Balance and align the natural energetic field around the body to improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  The session includes a guided meditation and intuitive messages.

Unlock Your Intuitive Gifts

Psychic & Spiritual Development Coaching

Psychic and Spiritual Development Coaching offers a profound and transformative experience for individuals seeking to unlock and cultivate their innate psychic abilities. This empowering coaching program provides you with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to tap into your intuitive gifts and embark on a remarkable spiritual journey.

Guided Preparation and Integration

Ayahuasca Ceremonies 

Ayahuasca is the vine to the soul: medicine from Mother Earth used by Shamans for thousands of years. Through the Ayahuasca Awakening, we will journey within ourselves to purge our suffering and reclaim the highest wisdom and power within. 

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